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Carolyn F. Seierstad

Reunited Adoptee Retired Private Investigator
  Certified Adoption Search Consultant   Professional Wisconsin Adoption Searcher
Reuniting Families Separated by Adoption Since 1994
  Have you thought of and wondered about the person or family from whom you’ve been separated from by adoption?

Can you easily define the way your life has been impacted by adoption?

Is it as simple as looking in a dictionary?

  • Relinquish: To leave; abandon; surrender; to cease holding physically.
  • Adopt: To take into one’s own family through legal means and raise as one’s own child.
  • Reunite: To bring together again.

Adoption Search Specialists – WI is an incorporated Wisconsin business, specializing only in adoption search and reunion for birthmothers, adoptees, birth families, and siblings.

By coming to Adoption Search Specialists - Wisconsin, you have taken a step, maybe your first, toward finding answers. Here you will discover how you can search for your birth mother, siblings, and other birthfamily members – or for the child you gave up many years ago. Search specialists will complete your adoption search and give you the opportunity to make contact with the adoptee, sibling, or birthparent you are searching for. With our aid in searching, you will find answers about being placed for adoption, adoption placement, physical similarities, medical and genetic history, and much, much more.

Contact Adoption Search Specialists of Wisconsin today for a limited free consultation.

E-mail us at: indigo22@att.net

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