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  Notes of Gratitude  

Carolyn takes pride in the fact that her clients are satisfied with the way she handles their searches. They appreciate her personal involvement in each case. Carolyn (right) and Nancy met while working together on Nancy's search.

The following are notes of gratitude that Carolyn has received.



This birthmother wrote immediately upon finding her son to share the joy and peace that their reunion brought to them both. She recently wrote again with an update; and to again share her gratitude:

"Every time I look at family photos that line the walls of my home and office, I whisper thanks to the person who helped me end thirty years of excruciating longing and loneliness: You.

Today my family photos include the smiling face of my oldest son, Daniel, whom I gave up for adoption shortly after his birth in December 1968. For three decades I carried the secret of longing and shame associated with his relinquishment. I wanted so desperately to keep my baby but because I was a teen-ager with few resources, it was impossible to give him the kind of life and security he deserved. Adoption was the only choice.

I'd never recovered from walking away from my child on that snowy, dreadful day in December. Over the years it would take little to conjure up the sadness of the loss of this precious child, and it intensified as his birthdays came and went. I wondered if he ever thought about me, if he longed for information about his origin, if he looked in the mirror and questioned why he had that face, those eyes, that smile. On his thirtieth birthday in 1998, I vowed that I wouldn't let another year go by without trying to find him.

I kept the secret of my son hidden in a place that I often visited but rarely discussed with anyone, that is, until you sent me an email message after I registered with a Wisconsin-based search website in March 1999. Over the next six months, your gentle guidance, skill and experience as an adoptee who had "been there, done that" led me out of the darkness.

In the six months that it took me to make the decision to commence the search for Daniel, you helped me replace my shame with optimism, an emotion that I had rarely attributed to my former status as an unwed mother. Before long the labels dropped away and I simply became a birth mother who wanted to know her child again.

I was amazed at how quickly you found Daniel and I appreciated your guidance as I wrote the certified letter that was my first contact with him. Dan told me he wept when he read that letter - he, too, had waited a lifetime to learn the most basic information about himself, who he was and where he came from.

My son and I reunited in the middle of the street in front of his home in Washington. As I held him in my arms, I said a prayer of thanks for this amazing event, and for the person who helped make it possible: Carolyn Seierstad.

Good bless you, dear Carolyn, for bringing my son back to me."

E.H. of Arkansas


A full-sibling, whose parents married after relinquishing their first daughter wrote the following letter after finding her older sister:

"Things are going excellent and I will never be able to thank you enough in my life time. We have seen each other many times. I have been to Chicago and she has come here. She went to college here, so she is familiar with the area and has always liked it. Ironically, her dad grew up a few blocks from where I live. A very small world. Thank you again, take care, and keep working your miracles!"

K.P. of Wisconsin


An adoptee, found by his two full-sisters who had just learned of his existence wrote:

"In this day and age when people are always complaining about things that go wrong, I believe in letting others know when things go great. Thanks for your involvement! I know it was your job, but you should know you were a big part of a wonderful thing! I could go on for hours as to what this all has meant to me and all of the things I have learned and realized in the past few months, but I won't subject you to all that now.

I must say a few things - Life is never perfect, but I can say that before being found, life was great! Now it is absolutely wonderful! No one can imagine all of the wonderful things that have happened to me since knowing, and learning. I am finally done searching the eyes of strangers for a connection. I didn't realize how deeply ingrained in me that was until I was found.

Genetics is a very powerful thing! You can't imagine all the similarities we have. Besides physiological similarities, there are strange behavioral traits that now make sense. I am finally sharing my life with people who are 'wired' like I am! The nicest thing was to find out that I came from great people, fun people. They are hard-working, honest, and close. They welcomed us with open arms! Thanks for what you do and good luck with everything!"

D.H. of Wisconsin

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