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  Notes of Gratitude - continued  


A birthmother who, after finding her daughter, first contacted the adoptive parents wrote:

"I heard from K.'s parents and they gave me a favorable response to my letter. They said they would like to meet me. I feel that sense of closure that I've waited for so long and hopefully we can open up a new chapter which will be rewarding. They said having K. meet me would not diminish their relationship with her, but may enhance it. They seem like wonderful people. Thank you for all you've done!"

K.P. of Indiana


A birthmother who found the son she had relinquished thirty years ago wrote:

"I met my son on Saturday for over two hours. It was wonderful! He is a nice looking young man who obviously had lots of questions for me. He even gave me a big hug. Thanks to you, I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Again, I can never repay you for what you've done for me. My life will never be the same!"

K.D. of Minnesota


A birthmother who was reunited with the daughter she gave up thirty-one years ago wrote:

"Thank you for your wise counseling and out-and-out common sense ... I could bare my feelings and have you understand and not be critical or judgmental ... I value your friendship and re-read letters and e-mail you have sent me through all my turmoil's."

D.E. of Wisconsin


(These children were taken from their mother when they were very young by their father and placed for adoption without their mothers knowledge or consent.) A sister who found her brother and sister, who had been adopted together, wrote:

"As you can imagine the adrenaline is flowing. I waited three days and called. My brother was elated, he gave me my sister's number, and we talked for six hours. Scary, but good. My mother cried for nearly two straight days. We agreed to keep in touch and of course, take it slow. Words do not seem enough to thank you but until I can hug your neck, they will have to be. Thank you! As the web un-weaves, I will keep you posted."

C.P. of Texas


A birthfather who's son found him wrote:

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ... (half a page of thank you's) for helping my son find me. You have healed a hole in my heart! May all your efforts be so well received. Thank you!"

H.R.S. of Georgia


An adoptee who found two sisters kept and raised by her birthparents and who has met one of them wrote:

"My heart is full and I'm blessed with a wonderful sister! Continue to share your gift - I will be forever grateful!"

S. McD. of Wisconsin


The sister with whom S. McD. (see above message) was reunited wrote:

"Thank you for all your kindness, caring, and support. I know Sue and I have a wonderful future ahead. Sister Sue, how sweet this all is!"

J.H. of California


A birthmother who found and was reunited with the daughter she relinquished wrote:

"I am a different person than I was before ... Thank you for helping me with my search by identifying my birthdaughter. We had a wonderful reunion and she is a wonderful person ... She tells me that she always understood my decision and loves me for it. I am blessed! Keep up the wonderful work."

K.B. of Arizona


A critically ill adoptee's daughter and her husband who found her birth-grandmother wrote:

"Everyone we tell our search story to thinks it's one of the most wonderful stories they've ever heard and almost can't believe it's true as well. It really is a once in a lifetime story and experience."

E.S. and D.S. of Florida


After searching for twenty-five years, a birthmother who found the son she was forced to place for adoption wrote:

"Thank you so much for making me the Happiest Mother on this coming Mother's Day. This is the best gift anyone could receive. Thank you!"

D.R. of California


An adoptee who found his birthmother after a difficult, two-year search wrote:

"The long search gave me time to understand my reasons for searching and time to develop an open heart and mind. My relationship with my birthmother has developed into a wonderful friendship which is more than I ever expected. Together, our families have gone on vacations, celebrated birthdays, and spent many hours learning about each other.

I appreciate your cooperation and support throughout my search. Although I had doubts many times, you never gave up hope and instead came up with new strategies and ideas. Your personal interest in my case was the most important factor in discovering a possible contact. And, then, when it was time, you stepped back and let me make the final connections to birth family members that led to my birthmother. Thank you from all of us!"

A.K. of Wisconsin


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